Lotus’ entitlement management feature allows you to control and manage access to your product’s features and components. Our platform provides a central location to store customer entitlements, giving you the flexibility to easily adjust access as your packaging and plans change. This makes it easier to iterate your pricing strategies without having to overhaul custom code.

Managing Component Entitlements

With Lotus, you can manage access to your plan’s components by controlling usage entitlements. You can view this information by following this guide which provides a comprehensive overview of all usage entitlements, including current usage and tier limits for a customer’s plan.

By using component entitlements, you can set usage limits, create free-trial periods, and more. You can also manage free usage limits within a paid plan, gate access to certain features based on usage levels, and much more.

Managing Feature Entitlements

In addition to managing component entitlements, you can also check what feature entitlements a customer has. For example, if you have a premium support plan, you can check if a customer has access to this feature through one of the plans they are subscribed to. This allows you to provide your customers with the specific benefits they have paid for, and also use this information to make strategic decisions about your pricing plans. You can access this information by following this guide.