Lotus’ Alerts feature provides you with real-time usage monitoring for specific components of a plan. With it, you can set usage alerts that notify you when a customer’s usage passes a certain threshold, which triggers a webhook. This allows you to stay informed and take action quickly when necessary.

Setting Alerts

Setting alerts is easy. Simply navigate to the “Alerts” tab on a plan’s details page. From there, you can view any existing alerts that are associated with a specific plan component.

Existing Alert

To set an alert, click on the “Set Alert” button next to the corresponding component.

Set Alert

Managing Webhooks

Alerts trigger webhooks that deliver the usage information to a designated destination. You can control where the webhooks get delivered to from the “Webhooks” screen.

Future Developments

While alerts currently only support Counter type metrics, we are working on expanding the feature to support alerts for other types of metrics. Additionally, we want to support a wider variety of alerts such as spend, remaining credit balance, and plan duration remaining.