Lotus provides a flexible and modular control panel on top of your existing quote-to-cash stack that allows you to integrate data from multiple systems to help you figure out the optimal pricing scheme for your products.

Lotus is self-hostable and extensible, enabling companies to build their own frontend, apps, and integrations for themselves.

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How It Works

Lotus manages your billing process from metering to pricing to invoicing. This solves some of the most painful issues when building a system to handle usage-based billing, including:

  • Real-time visibility of accrued revenue and usage during a billable period

  • Easily creating complex modular pricing plans, keeping track of versions, and assigning them to customers

  • Handling complex behaviors like proration, discounts, and plan transitions

  • Evaluating the effects of past pricing changes on your bottom line, and helping you understand how to optimize your pricing strategy

🚀 Deploy Pricing & Packaging, Any Way You Want

Create and deploy pricing and packaging for your products in a way that makes sense for your business. We can handle a variety of different use cases including:

🔬 Monitor Your Customers

Lotus provides a powerful dashboard that allows you to monitor your customers and their usage in real time. This allows you to:

📊 Iterate on Your Monetization

Charging your customers shouldn’t be the end of the story. Pricing and packaging are a continuous process of experimentation and iteration, and one of the biggest levers for growth. Lotus provides a host of tools that take the guesswork out of pricing, including:

  • Backtests to help you model what-if scenarios and discover new pricing vectors.
  • Forecasts (Coming Soon) to give you a picture of your financial health, project how your business will grow, and help you make better decisions about how you serve your customers.
  • Deployment Tests (Coming Soon) to help you understand the impact of your pricing changes on your customers and your bottom line.