With Lotus, you can enjoy the benefits of Braintree’s payment processing technology while also having access to a more intuitive and full-featured subscription management platform. Unlike other Braintree products, which can be costly and complex to manage, Lotus offers a streamlined solution that can help you better manage your subscriptions and payments.

Lotus x Braintree Integration

The Braintree integration with Lotus currently supports the following features:

  • Importing your customers from Braintree. Customers that exist on both platforms are matched by email address, so make sure your Braintree customers have email addresses.

  • Sending invoices to your customers. Lotus will send invoices to your customers via Braintree’s API.

  • Tracking the status of your customers’ outstanding invoices. Lotus will track the status of your customer’s invoices and will update the status of the invoice in Lotus when the customer pays through Braintree.

How the Integration Works

Please note that the Braintree integration with Lotus is currently experimental. We recommend thoroughly testing your needs in a Braintree Sandbox account and a Lotus test environment before implementing this integration. If there’s a feature you need that isn’t currently supported, please let us know by joining our Slack community.